niedziela, 20 grudnia 2015

12.12.2015 Florence And the Machine

Over month with no posts, good job Sylwia! But finally my christmas break is going to start on Wednesday, so I hope I will write here more :)
Today I want to talk about something that happened previous week (12.12.2015)- Florence and The Machine concert. I was so excited to go there, because I was on their concert before, I love their music, I love Florence and I knew it will be just great. And I wasn't wrong :) One good advice I can give you is - If you have an opportunity to go at FATM concert, do it! Even if you know just few songs, go there. The atmosphere is amazing, and of course Flo is such an magical, unusual, lovely person :) I wish I could describe all concert to you, but it's impossible. There is no words which will sum up all of this. When I came back home the worst question I could hear was "HOW WAS IT, WAS IT FUN?" because there is no right words. Have you ever had similar feeling? That you really want to describe how you felt, but it's just... impossible? I'm sure you had.
I love going on concerts, festivals etc. Music live is just amazing thing. Especially when you hear your favorite songs. I'm so glad that I could be on this concert, and I can't wait for summer, because Open'er Festival is waiting for me :) Funny fact: Gues who will be there? Yes, Florence and The Machine. No, I'm not psycho, haha. I bought tickets before I knew they will be there :) The organizers haven't announced everyone yet, but i know that Red Hot Chili Peppers will give there concert too, and it was the best what I could hear. There was a time in my life when I was pretty into their music and I would never thought I will be on their concert, And here I am! Can't wait for it! But you know what is the worst? That you are waiting MONTHS for something that will last only for 2 hours. Moment when you realise it's all over is the worst. It's hard to gather up after something amazing like this and come back to normal life. But hey, carpe diem, right? :)