piątek, 16 października 2015


Is it weird that I love autumn? I feel like this is perfect time for me. Yes, it's cold, get it. But:

1. It is perfect time for sitting at home and you don't need to expalin to others why you're being antisocial.
2. Feel like this leaves, fog and smoke from the chimney give a certain atmosphere that I really like.

And surprisingly I've been really good lately. Of course I am skipping school theme, all this exams etc... I've tried to change or accept things that were getting on my head and it's going well. Really well. So now can truely use word happy.
But ok, I'm done with this deep statement! Time for little update. All second year students from my school are going to have prom soon and I just can't wait. But there is one problem that probably every girl has- THE DRESS (dramatic melody in the background). I know what type I would like, but it is sooo hard to find something... And I don't want to make the same mistake as always and say "pff, I have plenty time for it!" what is equal to wake up two days before, realization that I don't have anything to wear, next is depression part, and then buying some random dress that I don't even like. HELL NO... I don't know why I'm so scatterbrained, but it is really anoying sometimes...
So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and starting to search something online. Wish me luck!

Check out this ^

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